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SKY ONE TRAVEL has specific mission to provide its customers with the best value for their cost while ensuring the highest quality of service. Sky One Travel positioned itself in the travel industry as one of the most reputable and efficient full-service travel agencies based in the East Delhi region. Sky One Travel operates from a foundation built on:

  • Quality of Service
  • Strong Product Lines
  • Superior Travel Solutions

Sky One Travel thorough understanding of the Indian general travel market and ethnic world travel market is the key factor that contributes to the continued success of Sky One Travel. We currently have consolidator contracts (wholesale rates) with 70 of the world's leading airlines. It should never be difficult for you to contact us. Call, email, Twitter, Face Book The internet is no place for one-way communication and we want to hear from you. A lot of things have changed over the years but our goal to help you experience the world has not, no matter what stage of a trip you're on. We are constantly building resources for independent-minded travelers but we'll never get there on our own. So if we don't provide it, we'll link to other online resources that do. We believe the online travel market is a collaborative place that should make it easy to find what you're looking for.

No doubt you've heard the saying "for travelers, by travelers" bandied about by dozens of travel sites. We reckon that's pretty lame. The founders, our community, and most likely you, have a passion for independent travel and we hope that shows in everything we do. You shouldn't need a weak tagline to see a company is passionate about travel.

We believe that travel is perhaps the best way to get an education. Encouraging folks to get out there and see the world, see how others live, helps all of us understand that we're really not so different.

We have a strong community and love to share...

Why should you care?
Community exists on Email, Twitter, Face book, and many other places. We participate and engage with a view towards contributing towards the conversation, versus a "Let's spam them so they will visit our site" mentality.

We understand that you are researching your trip and sharing it with friends in many places, like email, Twitter, Face book and perhaps your blog, and we endeavor to make it as easy as possible for you to do so.




  • International travel: Around the world, Circle Pacific and Surfing Itineraries, other than the simple one way and round trip itineraries that we sell regularly. We enable cheap air fares and you have a chance to buy air tickets in your budget.
  • Cheap international flights and Adventures: Get your cheap international flights to leading international destinations today.


  • Indian Rail: All Indian Railway tickets.
  • Europe Rail: European Rail passes.
  • Business Class Fares:  our incredible deals in Business/Executive Class airfares.
  • Group travel Planning Guide.
  • Holiday Packages: We have very attractive Holiday Package deals to some of the most amazing destinations on our planet. Some vacation and holiday package are exclusively built to provide you best deals covering your airfares and hotel stay as well.
  • Travel Insurance: International & Domestic Trip Insurance.



To get a price quote on how low your flight to a destination of your choice could be don't wait, call  22485145 or dial 9811203582  to have an agent help you book your international flights.



                             ………..your gateway to eternal bliss!


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